January 30, 2010

North Korea

Documentary about North Korea and it's people who starve to death and think the Dear leader is a God.

Amazing, just Amazing

Would you like to know more: www.slate.com/id/2243112/?from=rss

January 28, 2010

Empire: How Britain Made the Modern World

Niall Ferguson give his views on empire and the British success in building it

Interesting for those who like history

Birth of the Universe

Mother Universe 101 - Birth of the Universe

One of many good documentary's illustrating the history and property's of the universe as we humans know it

January 27, 2010


Journalist and author Christopher Hitchens talks about the value, need and prize for the right to freedom of speech. It Just happens to be the best

One of my favorite speeches

Money and the development of the modern world

Economic historian royal Niall Ferguson shows how money played a crucial part in the development of modern society

Decent documentary


Do you ever wonder about what the bird, swine or dog flue really is? I assure you, it's an old friend to humans

Strongly recommended documentary

The Secret Life of Chaos

The world is marvelous when you really look at it - and have a few scientists to show you what to look for

Strongly recommended documentary