February 25, 2010

American future

White House Health Care Summit - and the way they do it

Almost 3h and it's only part I - still, a interesting summit

The Economic Crisis and How to Deal with It

Short deliberations from - some of - the economic elite (including Nial Ferguson )

1½ hour of discussions on American and world economics

February 04, 2010


Swarm - Nature's Incredible Invasions, a BBC documentary


Shaking Hands with Death

Richard Dimbleby Lecture by Terry Pratchett on assisted death (not suicide)

This is a great speech on a much alarming subject

Would you like to know more: www.oregon.gov/DHS/ph/pas/

February 02, 2010

Inside Islam

A History Channel documentary about Islam, practice and empire

Inside the Quran

Documentary about the Quran: history and present implications

The first manuscript we have of the Quran was written 70 years after the death of Muhammad.

When social media became news

James Surowieck pinpoints the moment when social media became an equal player in the world of news-gathering: the 2005 tsunami, when YouTube video, blogs, IMs and txts carried the news

How social media can make history

Clay Shirky on social media

Chemistry: A Volatile History

From sandbox alchemy (earth, wind, fire and water) to modern chemistry

The host Jim Al-Khalili is just terrific