October 30, 2010

A.J. Ayer

A.J. Ayer to discuss the philosophical movement of the 20th century known as, Logical Positivism. It seem TV had it's glory days some time ago. And remember folks, don't judge the tv-show by the face of the host.


October 20, 2010

Richard Rhodes: Twilight of the Bombs

A Long Now lecture on the atom bomb, history and possible future

The big debate about nuclear weapons will arrive in 2011

October 13, 2010

Sam Harris: The Moral Landscape

Full presentation in NY of his new book the Moral Landscape

The book is great! Read and give it stars on amazon.com

Conways Game of Life

If you read Hawkins The Grand Design you will hit upon The Game of Life - how simple rules result in complex systems.

It's fantastic!

Matthew Taylor

21st Century Enlightenment

Fun with animations!

October 04, 2010

Religion in the 21st Century

Invironmentalism, the new religion?

See the whole debate: